Modern Gardens Landscaping is a full-service Landscape Design and Build company now based in Watsonville, CA. Contact us and discover what has kept our customers coming back for over 20 years. 

Landscape Design and Build

Colorful plants in a front yard

Modern Garden Landscaping offers a full range of landscaping design and build services. Whether your vision for your home or business includes an herb garden, shade trees, a majestic rose garden, or a charming path down to the tennis court, we will help you make it a reality. 
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Irrigation Systems

Maple tree and succulents planted in a bed along a white building wall

We are always looking for new ways to modernize our craft, save water, and improve the efficiency of irrigation. Be it agricultural-grade drip irrigation or the latest in smart sensors, we are educated in the latest technological improvements and we continuously strive to improve the process of implementing a better landscape for you.
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Edible Gardens

Garden area with a lemon tree in a pot, a peach tree, and a slightly hidden grape vine.

You don’t need a lot of space to create an edible garden. This garden area has a peach tree, grapevines, and a lemon tree in a pot. Also shown: Kurapia drought-tolerant ground cover.
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Container Gardening

Succulents and flowers in beautiful blue containers, large and medium-sized.

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Our Services…

Gardens designed to thrive
Modern Gardens Landscaping offers a full range of landscape design and build services. Our specialty is renovating old, inefficient sprinkler systems. We do this without damaging your yard and by employing minimally invasive techniques. Experience has shown us that combining smart-clock technology with the latest generation of sprinklers saves the most water. More importantly, healthy gardens work with the local weather and terrain, not against them.

We provide peace of mind
Your home should be a place to relax! Turn your front yard into a colorful landscape with cheerful flowers and your backyard into an enjoyable private paradise with low-maintenance vegetation and efficient watering systems. If you enjoy gardening, we’ll help you select the right plants; if you don’t have the time to water shrubs and flower beds individually, we can install sprinklers to deliver water when and where it is needed.

Turf Conversions
We have redesigned and landscaped many properties with drought-tolerant plants, shrubs, and/or trees with smart irrigation systems which have enabled our clients to use less water and take advantage of rebates offered by many water agencies.

Conserve water and save money
Say goodbye to astronomical water bills with our customized modern sprinkler systems and irrigation systems. It’s the right thing to do for the environment and the smart thing to do for your wallet.