Design & Build

  • We can renovate your entire or partial yard
  • Water use reduction plans
  • Water agency rebate programs


  • Pavers, patios, and retainer walls
  • Stone work, boulder placement, large natural stepping stones

Water Features

  • Beautiful, recirculating fountains
  • Low-maintenance systems

Landscape Lighting

  • Low voltage LED systems
  • Beautiful brass fixtures with lifetime warranties
  • Expert landscape lighting designer on staff

Irrigation Renovation

  • Overhaul and update partial or entire existing system
  • Convert overhead spray to drip
  • Fertigation—Dissolving small amounts of organic fertilizer in drip system.
  • Smart controllers—Controllers with sensors or WiFi-based.

Raised Vegetable Planter Beds

  • Raised beds, gopher-proof, watered with drip irrigation and fertigation. Optional: Surrounding wire cage, bird-proof.
  • Redwood compost bins built on site

Container Gardening

  • Ceramic or wood containers planted with succulents, vegetables, and flowering plants artistically designed by our creative staff.